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Unit of Measurement
To search by surface area or dimensions, begin by selecting your Unit Type preference (meters or feet & inches). This will open up more fields where you can enter your measurements.

Number of Dental Rooms
We recommend that you enter a range for Number of Dental Rooms. That way, your initial search will return a greater number of plans that can be easily modified to include more or fewer treatment rooms.

Type of Practice
We offer several options for specialty practices such as orthodontics, surgery, dental schools, etc. If your specialty is not listed, simply select General Practitioner to see a variety of layout options.

Input any specific shape requirements you have, or use this option to discover all the different plan shapes that are available.

Choosing 'Any Render' will allow you to choose from both 2D and 3D plans. Select one or the other if you would like to see 2D or 3D plans only.

Building Type
Choose from a variety of building types including stand-alone, commercial, house, multi-level, mobile, and more. You can also indicate whether you are looking to expand an existing space.

When you see a letter next to a plan number...
When you see a plan number followed by a letter, it indicates that there is more than one version of this floorplan available. An alternate version can include a different rendering (2D or 3D), more or fewer Dental Rooms, a different Reception Area, etc.

Search by plan number
If you know the plan number (from a previous visit) of the plan you are looking for, you can use this specific search for faster result.


Unit of Measurement
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