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Simple Pricing

DentalOfficePlans.com offers you a flat price based on the size of the dental office you are looking for.

For dental office plans of 100 sq. m. or less (1080 sq. ft. or less) US $ 50 ONLY!

For dental office plans of 101 sq. m. to 230 sq. m. (1080 sq. ft. to 2475 sq. ft.) US $ 90 ONLY!

For dental office plans of 231 sq. m. or more (2476 sq. ft. or more) US $ 150 ONLY!

We are thrilled to be able to offer a significant discount to anyone who purchases multiple plans at the same time.*
After you complete your purchase on DentalOfficePlans.com, you will immediately receive an email containing a link to download your plan. You will get digital files for each plan you have purchased. The files are large, full color PDFs that you can view on-screen and print.

* Discount will be applied at checkout.


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